Heartbeat Vietnam Fundraising Week (November 20 – 24th, 2017)

The Cause:  Heartbeat Vietnam provides surgeries for unfortunate children who have congenital heart defects and cannot afford the lifesaving surgery.

The Goal:  $7,200 USD to save the lives of 6 children

The Process:  A suggested donation of 500,000 Dong per student returned in the red envelope and additional items for sale throughout the week.

HeartBeatVN 2017

The Details:

  1. Please place your donation inside the envelope, seal it, write your child’s name and grade and return it to the homeroom teacher. The suggested envelope donation is 500,000 Dong per student. Feel free to donate more or less as you feel is appropriate. All students who return their red envelope on Monday, November 20th will receive a free casual day pass to be used at any time.
  2. The envelope donation allows the student to participate in the “Fun Dress Days” all week. For more information about the fun dress days please see the bulletin board in the school entrance way.
  3. Please note that the donation in the envelope is separate from the money to purchase the fundraising items for sale throughout the week. Additional spending money will be required to buy the fundraising items and to participate in the fundraising games and activities.
  4. Parents of Early Childhood and lower Elementary School students can put extra spending money for the week in the envelope with a note for their teacher to help them manage their money for the week. Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School students should carry spending money with them and budget it as they best see fit.
  5. The prices of most of the fundraising items for sale will range between 10,000 Dong and 20,000 Dong. The t-shirts will cost 150,000-200,000 Dong. The estimated daily spending money for the purchase of fundraising items is 50,000 Dong, excluding the t-shirt sale.
  6. The TAS - Heartbeat Vietnam tee shirts cost 200,000 VND for adult sizes and 150,000 VND child sizes. They are made of cotton spandex blend. The shirts can be worn at any point during the HBVN week or on casual Fridays. The t-shirts are in limited supply and are available on a first come, first served basis.
  7. Students will be running booths either with the class in ECC/Elementary or with their advisory teachers in MS/HS. For more information on what your child is doing please speak with them or their teacher.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation to this great cause!


TAS Habitat for humanity build 2016

Habitat 2016 01
Habitat 2016 01
Habitat 2016 01
Habitat 2016 01
Habitat 2016 01